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1]  We do not charge any amount from you and at the same time we do not claim any benefits from your employment. We are not liable for any financial loss or any other responsibilities of employment.

2]  If administration department found any kind of misuse or any violation of code of conduct your account can be suspended.

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4]  You cannot use our logo & information for commercial purpose without management written permission.

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9]  You can stop usage of site anytime. We also reserve rights to change or modify terms of subscriptions.

10]  We believe that data storage & its use it important to all; we will try to give advance notice before discontinuing services. But it is not mandatory to the management to give notice.

11]  If we found any violation of terms & conditions we will take action against such deed. Even it we do not take immediate action it does not mean we have released from such deed. We reserve right to take action anytime.( may be in future also)

12]  PSU sector opening are published on received information. Correctness of information is taken care. However no responsibility will be accepted by management. Also no claims will be entertained with respect to same.

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